De-Risking the Future of Insurance

Using smart technology to help insurers and brokers operate more efficient businesses

SSP worked with ITN Productions to produce a film for their series ‘De-Risking the future of Insurance’ which was created in partnership with BIBA. The SSP film was entitled ‘Using smart technology to help insurers and brokers operate more efficient businesses’ and explores the ways in which SSP’s technology can better equip them, both now and in the future on their digital journey.

The film starts by looking into the connected home and how parts of our homes can now communicate with us, and our insurers, helping them to price the insurable risks more accurately. From smart meters that monitor your energy usage, to door sensors that let you know via an app the comings and goings at your property, smart technology is changing the way we live – making up the now ‘connected’ home.

Interviewing Stephen Lathrope, CEO, he discusses how our long standing commitment to the industry has enabled SSP to help shape the future of the market, by offering next generation capabilities and solutions. As well as this, our full end to end market view means that we not only service our customers, but our customers’ customers too.

Kevin Gaut, CTO, follows this with a look at how the availability of data has enabled the evolution of smart technology, which has empowered the insurer to price risks better based on a consumer’s behavior. This in turn has changed the face of insurance, allowing for flexibility and a responsiveness to market conditions that wasn’t possible previously.

ITN then took the time to interview David Robertson, Transformation Director at Legal and General, who discusses further how this availability of data has enabled them to create SmartQuote. This innovation brings together the vast quantities of digital data available for an individual risk to generate an informed quote in 90 seconds with minimal customer input.

This film gives just a snapshot into SSP’s capabilities and technologies that are driving innovation to help brokers become ‘super brokers’ and continue to succeed in this digital age. If after watching the film you want to discuss anything with us, please do not hesitate to contact us

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