One Call extends long-standing relationship with SSP

June 15, 2020 Press Office

Insurance technology specialist SSP announces that One Call Insurance has signed to extend their partnership for a further three years. This new agreement allows SSP to continue supporting One Call’s personal lines business, now and in the future.

One Call has been a customer of SSP for over 20 years, and so this contract extension only accentuates the great relationship that has been built over time. SSP is excited to continue to provide a cutting-edge platform that will not only ensure the utmost reliability but will also encourage a positive overall business journey, for years to come.

As the leading global supplier of technology systems and software for the insurance industry, SSP’s role is to help insurers and brokers operate more efficient businesses. The extension of contracts such as this provides the confirmation that this is achieved; both businesses can move and progress together as the industry and technology available advance further.

Oliver Rose, Director at One Call “This year marks our 25th anniversary and a relationship with SSP that spans two decades. As one of the only national independent brokers remaining in the UK, we’ve always strived to be at the top of our game when it comes proposition development and customer service. Technology, and more specifically SSP, has allowed us stand out from the crowd and continuously innovate our business and the core systems that underpin our success. Agility, flexibility and autonomy are vital to us – they’re part of our DNA. It is these attributes that we share with SSP and what make our longstanding relationship so successful. We’re very much still a family run business and SSP as considered part of that family.”

One Call provides a wide range of insurance products and services in the UK, offering additional benefits that add value to their customers. SSP strongly supports One Call’s belief that whilst value is an important key factor when choosing a business, it is the bespoke features and ways of working that have the potential to set you apart from the rest and make a difference for your customer.

“Seeing SSP’s strong relationship and business plans with One Call progress further has been an immensely proud moment. To be acknowledged as a provider that offer the core foundations to enable maximum efficiency in the here and now, as well as going forward, identifies to us that our commitment to innovation for the benefit of our customers is recognised.

We are now looking forward to the exciting years ahead, working with One Call to maintain and exceed the expectations of this extended contract. As the industry continues to change, SSP strives to encourage positive transitions and allow our customers to progress in ways that allow efficient business growth and development.” Adrian Coupland, Customer and Marketing Managing Director from SSP said.

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