Webinar: Surviving Digitalisation: Big Bang or Incremental?

August 23, 2018 SSP Limited

Tuesday 18 September, 12:00 BST

At SSP, we recognise the threat that the digital revolution presents to businesses; therefore SSP COO Jim Sadler will be running a one hour webinar on how you can ‘survive digitalisation’ and turn that threat into opportunity. 

Jim has been SSP’s Chief Operating Officer for just over 12 months and during his time with the company his responsibilities have included fortifying our products, delivery and support services. Prior to joining the business, he was the Group CIO and COO at Xchanging plc, where he created and delivered a transformation of the group’s operating model, with a 25% improvement in profitability.

With over 25 years’ experience as a leader of business and IT transformation, Jim is perfectly placed to help you realign your business model, reconnect with your customers and create real value in your products and services.

What will the webinar tell me?

Did you know that “by 2020, every business will have become either a digital predator or digital prey1

With this in mind, have you thought about your approach to the changes the insurance and technology industry is going through? When we say changes, we mean the disruptive force of ‘Things’. The worrying matter is that most people and businesses won’t even see it coming and even more worrying than that, definitely won’t be prepared. 

Jim will explore what this means to us as businesses, as well as individuals, and he’ll reveal some interesting tips around preparing yourself for the future.

Join us on Tuesday 18 September at 12:00 BST to find out more. 

1 – OnBase By Hyland, Disrupt or be disrupted, 2018

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