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July 24, 2017 SSP Limited

Over the last three decades, SSP has been instrumental in transforming the way brokers do business. SSP Broking, our new broking solution, incorporates all the best features of our insurance DNA and our 33 years of experience.

22 June saw the official launch of the new broking solution at The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham and with over 130 brokers in attendance, it really was an exciting place to be.

Showcasing our solution

Our Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Lathrope, got the presentations underway, with a warm welcome to familiar faces, as well as extending a big thanks to new customers who had taken time out to attend the launch and hear all about SSP.

Steve referenced customers who have been with us on our SSP journey since our formation back in 1984 and our commitment to developing innovative solutions to meet their changing needs. He highlighted how, in 2007, we launched the SSP brand, after the acquisition of Sirius and how 2008 saw the origination of Pure Broking.

Steve introduced SSP Broking, summarising the way in which the platform brings together a suite of proven SSP and third party best-of-breed components to provide a powerful integrated solution for brokers. And the important objective of this new solution is to ensure that it brings simplification and focus, as well as allowing customers to choose to adopt the new software when it’s the right time for them.

Solution for the digital era

Kevin Gaut

Kevin Gaut, our Chief Technology Officer followed, guiding brokers through our overall architecture of SSP Broking. Kevin took a step back in looking at how the interaction with our customers is changing in this new digital age and looking at how brokers might want to communicate with their customers in the future. He also explained how SSP are uncovering how software will change over the years and how we can modify those solutions.

Kevin highlighted, “our primary focus is how our customers interact with the new system, ensuring that it is as simple as possible to use.”

He then went on to mention that we still have the Pure Broking back office and underneath it’s still one data model. We are developing a brand new interface, with new quote and buy capabilities, as well as applications and a brand new self-service portal. The capability is for a broker to deliver content to their customers in a single solution. However, simple or complex, SSP Broking has got it covered. Most importantly, through our work with customers using the new solution, we are already starting to see a feedback loop, whereby we are continually making changes and improving our entire application.

Zoe Ridley, Product Manager for Broking, described the key components of SSP Broking, with a guided tour of the new solution. Zoe underlined the number of integrations within Pure Broking and how this has evolved. She then went on to explain that we have a great opportunity now to redesign those core business processes to provide powerful new digital capabilities for our customers.

After a demonstration of the new system Zoe described the next stage of the process, setting up focus groups, asking brokers for their involvement. She stressed how it’s the key to building the right broking solution that is right for our customers now and in the future.

Next steps and implementation

Dave Chapman, Director of our Broker business, wanted to highlight the next steps for the implementation process. In looking at answering ‘when will SSP Broking be available?’ Dave explained that we would be looking to go live with self-service this coming September, then progressing on to the user experience in January, 2018. Thereafter, we will start our rollout, moving those existing brokers on our Pure Broking platform to our SSP Broking new solution. The expectation, for the first six months of next year, is that we would have achieved a large proportion of the migrations.

Dave also talked about how easy it would be to implement for existing customers, with limited training needed. He went on to mention there would be a series of roadshow events taking place later in the year for brokers to see the next stage of developments.


“A good day all round, and it’s absolutely something we’ll sign up to”
Peter Smits, Managing Director, Ashbourne Insurance Services

Exhibition and networking

Steve closed the presentations by opening the doors to our exhibition and demonstration area of the conference. Attendees were welcomed by key partners, such as Keychoice, SSP’s distribution group, who offer a range of exclusive products and services available through Keychoice membership.

Ageas, Integra, Covéa, Global Payments and RAC were also there to support, as well as JilRose and F-Secure exhibiting and offering their services. e5 and Kofax were also on hand to demonstrate the value that their components bring to SSP Broking and its users.

SSP account management, training, implementation and our service desk teams were all available to answer any questions and provide further information into the core capabilities of the new solution.

If you would like to find out more about SSP Broking, visit

“I just like the whole look of it, it’s much more clean and streamlined.”
Gary Porter, Wilberforce and Co Insurance Brokers

This article is an extract from SSP eye issue 10

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