Changing the face of the market in the Middle East

April 6, 2020 Dean Richardson

Last November, Dean Richardson, SSP’s Director of Insurer Sales and Paul Webster Pre-Sales Consultant, travelled to the Middle East with the objective of extending further SSP’s reach in the ever-growing insurance industry. The three-day outing involved travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to present SSP’s digital insurance platform to leading broker and insurance companies in the region.

Insurance software market in the Middle East

Meetings were arranged through the partnership with Refpoint Insurance Consultants (RPIC),who represent SSP in the MENA region. RPIC, led by Ken Maw, has extensive knowledge and experience of the Middle Eastern market and SSP has worked with Ken and his team for over 20 years. Aiming to help insurers and brokers transition from existing platforms to SSP’s digital offering. Ken owned and ran the Insure Direct Group of companies – comprised of leading brokerages in the UAE – before the business was sold to the JLT group. RPIC has evolved through a team of insurance experts representing over 100 years of consolidated experience in insurance broking and consulting.

Rupert Bidwell, Strategic Accounts Director – Africa & Partners at SSP:

“I am delighted to team with RPIC; a company whose tenure and understanding of the Middle East insurance market make RPIC ideal partners to pave the way for SSP to deliver our market leading digital insurance platform in the region.

“Insurers who have implemented our digital insurance solutions have experienced increased agility and flexibility to quickly launch new products and channels, on a low upfront cost, high business-benefit basis. This is something SSP knows can be replicated in the area.”

Ken Maw, Managing Director at RPIC, said:

“My previous insurance brokerage practice, which very quickly evolved into a multi-national business operation spanning over four territories, would never have been such a success without the support of SSP who provided an integral piece in our overall corporate machinery. Being able to continue supporting SSP under our new banner will now not only enable us to promote SSP’s software platform to the insurance industry as a whole throughout the Middle East and Africa, but also support us in building out our own consulting venture in an era that is now far more customer focused and thirsty for improved digitalisation.”

Dean Richardson, SSP’s Insurer Sales Director added:

“I’m delighted with how the meetings went in the Middle East. The SSP presentations and insurer software demos were very well received and we discussed each insurer's challenges and how
our solutions could help to resolve them. I now look forward to taking the next steps, devising an individual strategic plan for how SSP can support each company.”

“SSP has been working with insurers and brokers across the globe for over 35 years, and is helping them to embrace digitalisation, rating, policy administration and business transformation. Whether it’s modernising their rating and pricing ability through the use of innovative solutions such as SSP’s Intelligent Quotes Hub, or totally transforming their business models, SSP is at the forefront of change in the insurance world. In the UK for example, SSP is helping Tier 1 insurers deliver quotes in 800 milliseconds with as few as 5 questions being asked for Home Insurance policies.

SSP Insurer solutions

This article is an extract from SSP eye issue 13

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