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April 8, 2019 SSP Limited

SSP Broking is configured to meet brokers’ requirements, with powerful digital capabilities and access to a competitive panel of products and insurers for commercial lines and personal lines business processing.

Brokers needs at the heart of what we do — SSP Broking

Endsleigh, the leading insurance provider for students, has been live with elements of our SSP Broking solution since early 2018. Utilising our Self-Service component, they are now able to compete more effectively in this ever evolving marketplace.

Jeff Brinley, CEO at Endsleigh said:
“The results SSP has helped us deliver so far have been positive and enabled us to grow the business, and are testament to their understanding of our business vision and requirements.”

Transforming our business

2018 has been a vital year of implementing a programme of work to enhance service and put customers at the heart of what we do. Ensuring that the whole of SSP is aligned with meeting customers’ needs and we are seeing some very impressive findings as a result.

The feedback from our 2018 customer surveys have been really positive, which is the result of SSP investing further time and effort in this area of service improvements.

Implementing a new call management system in our customer support centre has enabled us to analyse our performance, align staffing levels to demand and redirect calls to reduce waiting times. Our most successful period was reported during December 2018 where 85% of our calls were answered within 30 seconds. With new visibility of queue waiting times we can ensure that customers are receiving an improved level of service.

So what will 2019 bring? Well, we are progressing with our commercial lines proposition first, which will be available in Q1 this year, with personal lines coming on board later this summer.

The new functionality will be more contemporary with fewer key strokes and system areas to access. It provides a single process regardless of whether you are placing commercial or personal lines business. Our panel of commercial lines insurance schemes is being enhanced, and we will be delivering a suite of high quality standard document templates and reports.

The SSP Cloud

We’ve invested heavily in our technology and our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the launch of SSP Cloud going live with two customers is just one example of this.

Fully web-enabled and hosted by AWS, SSP Broking provides powerful new digital capabilities, allowing your customers to self-serve on a range of different devices, including mobiles and tablets.

SSP Cloud will enable us to do what we do best, provide best-of- breed insurance software solutions in a more flexible, scalable and secure environment.

Moving to the cloud not only provides high levels of security, it provides increased mobile access to your data. Moreover, through partnering with AWS, SSP is combining world-class software solutions with the market leader in cloud computing.

As the infrastructure requirements decrease in our current Data Centre, Powergate, we will be able to reduce our associated costs in supporting and maintaining this infrastructure. SSP will be able to channel this investment into our software development and support projects.

David Chapman, Director of Intermediary said:
“We are looking forward to seeing SSP customers benefiting from our market leading cloud proposition. We already have our first clients live in the cloud and SSP Broking will be the first true cloud proposition in the market.”

Customer Focus Groups

Last year we held a variety of SSP Broking workshops, covering content on Sanctions Checking, Renewals Processing, Commercial User Journey, Communications Hub, and Accounts. Hearing the customer feedback has been instrumental for us to progress with the development of our new broking solution.

One focus group attendee commented that the workshop was “Very interesting, not only hearing from SSP but also from how other brokers see things”. We’re absolutely committed to delivering a broking platform which will make a significant contribution to operational efficiencies, productivity and the service we offer to our customers and their clients.

2019 Focus Groups and Roadshows

This year we will continue to run a series of customer workshops. As well as the customer focus groups, we are also planning a series of roadshow events throughout the UK for new and potential customers. Existing customers looking to upgrade will be invited first, and then we will be inviting all brokers to a UK roadshow later in the year; where we’ll have new functionality live in action, demonstrating the digital capabilities of SSP Broking.

SSP Broking is all about increasing broker’s effectiveness and profitability, delivering process efficiencies, helping to grow business and gain a quicker return on investment.

If you’re looking for that motivation to get your business into shape, get in touch by calling us on 0800 590 705 or request a call from our contact page.

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