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August 23, 2017 SSP Limited

We caught up with Craig van Zeyl, founder and CEO of e5 Workflow, to better understand the application and the benefits for customers of embedding it into SSP’s solutions.

SSP Workflow

Delivering excellent customer service is all about two things, consistency and quality. That’s how the partnership between e5 and SSP came about, when the two organisations collaborated to provide RACT Insurance (RACTI) with a modern platform to deliver the flexibility and service its customers demanded.

From this initial integration of e5 Workflow into the SSP solution, the relationship was taken a step further with the re-engineering of the entire user experience and development of SSP Workflow, the fully embedded solution you see today.

SSP Workflow is an effective tool for managing high volume, time-sensitive manual processes and automating process steps. It enables businesses to have complete visibility of the work going through their organisation and an understanding of individuals’ productivity, so they can optimise their people, processes, software and data assets by allocating the right employee to the right task at the right time. This reduces cycle times, improves quality and reduces manual costs.

To manage the complete end-to-end process from customer contact to completing the transaction, it is important to capture every inbound and outbound communication, and then manage and prioritise the resultant actions. To achieve this, SSP Workflow integrates with every capture point, whether the communication is via scanned documents, email, web forms or applications.

SSP Workflow provides users with four main benefits, enabling them to:

  • Improve customer service levels: with work consistently completed on-time, there is less need for customers to call to check on the status of work
  • Manage compliance: the consistent and accurate execution of processes means that work is done right first time, reducing the error rate, saving time and improving customer service.
  • Predict resource requirements: with the ability to measure absolutely everything, businesses have visibility of each individual’s productivity and quality, so they can identify where training is required and adapt the business based on people’s strengths
  • Introduce automation: the Workflow engine can be used to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, resulting in reduced error rates, reduced cycle time and reduced processing time

Automated workflow distribution supports flexible working and promotes better work conditions, as employees who work from home or a branch can be managed remotely. They can work at any time, day or night, with high levels of productivity and enthusiasm.

The benefits of Workflow have been evidenced by a customer who was using a competitor’s system that only allowed them to complete 5% of work within the agreed service levels. This resulted in many customers phoning the contact centre, with a large number of calls going unanswered due to the high volume.

Within eight weeks of installing Workflow, the customer’s service levels had passed 80% and, as a direct result, the number of call to the contact centre dropped by 25%. The company ended up with a 96% consistent service level, operating with 10% less staff. This was the third time the customer service manager had bought the Workflow system, and they went on to buy it twice more when they moved company.

Right from the beginning of the partnership between e5 and SSP, the two companies have worked as a team. So much so that e5 has aligned the direction of its software engineering to dovetail completely with SSP’s, highlighting true collaboration at its best.

SSP Workflow is now a core component used across multiple SSP solutions, including SSP Select Insurance, as well as our next generation broking solution, SSP Broking.

This article is an extract from SSP eye issue 10

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