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Rewriting the In this issue... Rewriting the manual for legacy modernisation 2 Editor: Lucy Minton T: +44 (0) 121 779 8357 E: Contributors: Design: 485 Graphics Content: SSP Marketing Team Laurence Walker, Chief Executive Officer As the insurance industry continues to evolve, technology is both driving this change and enabling insurers to make the most of the opportunities available. Earlier this year, a Celent report by Catherine Stagg-Macey on legacy modernisation described technology as "the great engine of an insurance business". It also explained how "some engines are unreliable and hard to understand, with their manuals lost in time and their mechanics now retired". SSP has been aware of this for quite some time and we have consistently updated our technology to provide access to great new solutions. Yet, as the insurance industry looks to minimise both risk and capital costs, is it time to rip up the rule book and take a new approach altogether? In this issue of SSP eye, we examine a different way of thinking that transforms insurers' customer operating models into ones fit for ongoing instant change and innovation. Software as a Service (SaaS) is essentially a business solution based on the commoditisation of insurance, which enables insurers to get new projects up and running quickly, then make the necessary changes to adapt to market conditions. Rather than relying on significant capital expenditure for new projects, this capability becomes part of the continual operational costs, creating a low risk environment with far more opportunities for success. Failure becomes a learning experience rather than an obstacle. Is the dinosaur dead yet, or do we need another meteor? 4 SaaS: a new mindset for change and innovation 8 SSP out and about 14 The A to Z of telematics 16 UK pensions freedom - Armageddon or armed and ready? 20 Keychoice - paving a new way for brokers 26 The SSP Knowledge Hub - a wealth of information with one click 24 Successful customer engagement in an omni-channel world 28 Is it time to rip up the rule book and take a new approach altogether? Spotlight on Africa - SSP Pure Insurance user conference 2015 32 Disrupting the disruptors: why the time is now 34

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