Case study: SSP and Your Move

Leading estate agent improves efficiency and customer service through SSP’s secure online document delivery solution.

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Business: A chain of estate and letting agents that also provides home insurance and financial services
Number of employees: 83
Head office: The insurance business is based in Exeter
Number of live policies: 30,000

Customer challenge

Your Move was looking for a more efficient and cost‑effective way of sending insurance documents to customers, to cut the time and expense of printing, packaging and postage.

Business results

• Cut postage costs by 48%

• Reduced the time spent on processing and packaging by 50%

• Improved customer retention with faster customer service and improved security of documents

Client background

Your Move is one of the UK’s leading chains of estate and letting agents and its website is the most visited of any British estate agency. The company sells home insurance to its mortgage customers from a call centre in Exeter and has recently started selling insurance on behalf of third party clients. It has 30,000 live policyholders and issues around 5,000 quotes per month, which it expects to rise to 7,000 quotes per month within 12 months. Over the past 18 months the company’s insurance divisionhas grown from around 30 staff to a total of 83, including 42 sales staff.

Leading estate agent improves efficiency and customer service

Since implementing SSP’s secure online document delivery solution, Your Move has cut total postage costs by 48%, reduced the time spent on processing and packaging by 50% and improved customer retention. As part of its future growth strategy the company plans to extend its use of SSP Delivery to cover a wider variety of documents and help maximise sales from its existing customer base.

Benefits delivered

SSP Delivery allows insurance documents that contain personal and sensitive information to be sent quickly, cost-effectively and, most importantly, securely, ensuring compliance with data protection and FCA guidelines. Documents are generated by the SSP broking system and stored in a secure online vault. The system then sends an email to the policyholder who then follows a link to download and print their documents. Your Move now securely delivers documentation to over 36,000 customers every year. Your Move uses SSP Delivery to send mid-term adjustments and to issue around 50% of its quotes.

Your Move has also realised a number of indirect benefits from SSP Delivery. It has increased the speed of response to customers and of its sales process, thereby improving customer service. 

The environmentally-friendly factor of using less paper has gone down well with a lot of Your Move customers, while security concerns in this age of identity theft and phishing mean that many customers are also reassured by the extra security that secure online document delivery offers.

“These factors have contributed to strong customer service and retention, which all adds to our bottom line,” says Mr Batten.

In addition, the reduction in time spent on processing and packaging means that Your Move has also been able to reassign some support staff to other tasks, and so has improved productivity.

Extending the benefits

Having realised significant cost and time savings in document delivery, Your Move proposes to extend the SSP Delivery service to include new business and renewal documentation.

As part of Your Move’s plans to grow sales from its existing customer base with add-on products and services, the company is also looking to use more of SSP Delivery’s functions to help with cross-selling and to follow up on quotes to prospective customers more quickly. At this point SSP Delivery will not only help the company cut costs, but also help them to generate more revenue.


Download the full case study here

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