Case study: GM Insurance Brokers

Practice makes perfect for an independent broker migrating from ElectraM3 to SSP Pure Broker.

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Business: Independent brokers in Exeter, with 95% commercial lines business 
Number of employees: 
Location: Exeter 
Annual GWP: £2.5m

Gavin Mead, Director at GM Insurance Brokers, on how experimenting with a development platform before migrating to SSP Pure Broker enabled the firm to see how the system would work in practice. This experience meant they could use SSP Pure Broker as effectively as possible once it went live.

Why did you choose to change system?

“While we had used ElectraM3 for a number of years for our personal lines business, it was restrictive in terms of what we could do commercial wise.

“As a result, we wanted to upgrade to a system that offered additional functionality within a hosted environment, which is exactly what SSP Pure Broker provides.”

Why did you choose SSP Pure Broker?

“I have experience of lots of different software houses, and SSP Pure Broker offered greater functionality than the systems from other providers.

“Additionally, the hosted environment meant we didn’t need to be responsible for backing up data, and made it easy to add extra licences as our business and the number of users grew.”

How did the migration to SSP Pure Broker go?

“The migration to SSP Pure Broker went well from a data migration point of view.

“As we were provided with a development platform, we could work with clients on the SSP Pure Broker system before going live, so we could see how it was going to work.”

Practice makes perfect

“We were very fortunate to have the development platform with our clients on there, so we could experiment with how our business would change, how to access the data and how our processes would need to change.

“Initially I didn’t grasp the level of change, and how much time it would take to get the system ready and working the way we wanted it to before going live.

“However, I can’t overstate the importance of managers and staff spending time on the system aside from the training to get a feel for how SSP Pure Broker works, so they can use the system as effectively as possible.

“It has invigorated our business to work in a different way and improved how we operate. SSP Pure Broker dictates how our business flows and guides us through the navigation process.”

“As a result, it has become our trainer, providing us with a set method of working as dictated by the navigation process. We know everything is done in a particular way, which ticks more boxes from a regulatory point of view.”

Additional functionality across all activities

“We can also take full advantage of the back office accounting system, such as the nominal ledger, and the Documaster scanning infrastructure. 

“In addition, we have started to use amended risk screens for schemes, and will develop these further to enable us to run more profitably.

“Having everything in one place makes the whole business operate more effectively.”


Download the full case study here


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