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The MyLicence initiative has been introduced by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) to provide insurers and consumers with the opportunity to facilitate risks based on validated information relating to the driver’s history.

With effect from 2015, paper copy driving licences will no longer be issued and consumers will be able to provide their insurance provider with their Driver Licence Number (DLN) at the point of quote. The DLN will be used to obtain the conviction detail retained by the MIB for drivers’ real time. The input of the DLN is currently optional, however over time we expect to see more insurers offering differentiated products based on provision of the DLN.

What has SSP done?

Over the last 12 months SSP has contributed to industry workshops on the MyLicence initiative while also working alongside Polaris and the ABI.  A specific project team has also been introduced to deliver the changes required to SSP applications and supporting insurer products to allow our users to benefit from the introduction of this new initiative.

What happens next?

The SSP MyLicence project team is due to deliver the changes to the applications from July 2015 onwards, working with those insurers who are in a position to support the new facility. Once tested and signed off these revised products will be distributed as part of the standard monthly update. The only real change you will see is the option to provide the DLN.

Please note - you will still be required to provide full conviction detail until all insurers have converted their products to operate solely via DLN.

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