Find SSP at stand 42 at this year’s IISA conference

July 13, 2017 SSP Marketing

Disrupt, Debate, Deliver
23-26 July, Sun City, South Africa

We're proud to have attended The Insurance Conference this year, the 44th annual IISA conference that fosters collaboration through networking. Bringing together like-minded people, sharing ideas, drawing on resources and delivering value.

Digital technology is disrupting the industry, therefore, remaining flexible and connected makes all the difference. Many insurers are feeling the threat of the digital revolution and assessing the potential of effecting general insurance in the years ahead.

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SSP #TIC2017 stand 42
The SSP team at stand 42

Congratulations to the three lucky winners of our competition at the SSP stand, who won an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot:

1st: Ravi Pillay, Esri South Africa

2nd: Ian Murugan, Standard Bank Insurance

3rd: Moletanyi Tshosa, Botswana Life Insurance

Moletanyi Tshosa and the SSP team

For more information about the conference, visit

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